Thrive Hunting Pack

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Ordering the frame with the pack gives a 10% discount on the frame (already included in the adjusted price).

Adding on the first kit gives a 10% discount from the standalone cost of the kit (first aid kit is normally $150)

Add a couple of additional zippered pouches (just like the ones in the organizational section). These will work in any of the hook and loop fields in the pack and are a great way to store some of the medical gear, or to have different preconfigured loadouts.


Everything in the “Thrive” pack is designed for hunters by hunters.  Each pocket and zipper is designed with a distinct purpose in mind that will give you the confidence to go deep into the gnarliest canyon or chase that bugle up the mountain.

The back loading compartment and access makes it easy to pack and access your gear when you need it most.  The Thrive Pack delivers uncompromising design, quality construction, and exceptional performance.

Our custom designed panel features four zippered pouches (two of them removable) to store components of your survival gear; from water treatment to fire starting, you will have your gear organized and accessible so you don’t have to hunt around in a gypsy camp to find what you need.

Load Hauling

Beyond Rubicon married the ruck with a load-bearing frame from Blacks Creek Guide Gear to provide comfortable weight distribution across the back and hips. The pack features an oversized, padded mesh shoulder pad, and lumbar support that adds comfort and breathability while also helping transfer weight to a wider surface area, similar to an external frame. The frame is an inherent part of the ruck, adding to the versatility required to meet the demands of the hunt.

Choose from two integrated pack frames based on body weight and size. Both the Grip and Talon Frames are adjustable and well suited for heavy loads. However, the Talon Frame has a smaller and lighter footprint and is designed for those with a smaller stature. 

If you already own a Black’s Creek Guide Gear pack frame, you can just purchase the Thrive Ruck and attach it to your existing frame.

Functional Lid

The lid is a place to put items for quick access.  The idea is to put items you need for rapid access once you’ve dropped your pack.  

We store our headlamp, some quick calories in the form of food bars, extra socks, and medical gear (pressure bandage and chest seals) in our lid.  This gives us the ability to rapidly grab the things we are most likely to need at a rest stop. 

Side Storage

The versatility of these packs doesn’t start or stop with the main ruck. These side pockets are specifically designed to fit both a spotting scope AND tripod. However, camera gear, or additional backcountry gear (like a tent) can be stored in these tall pockets. The tripod and scope in this photo are representative and fit fully inside the side pockets!

Each pocket can be zipped shut to streamline the pack when not in use or expanded to add cubic inches without having to purchase a bigger ruck.   

Expansive Volume

A good backpack should be sturdy, durable, and large enough to carry all required gear and equipment; but too big can be cumbersome. The “Thrive” pack by Beyond Rubicon is versatile enough to expand from a day pack to a multi-day pack when needed and then compress when sheer volume is not required. Most importantly, when not in use as an extra-large pack, the Thrive still functions well as one of our best day packs! What’s better than having a day pack that can handle your spike camp going in and handle your elk quarters coming out?

The main compartment can be loaded from either the top or the front through a giant access panel.  This makes it easy to pack and access your gear when you need it most.  The Thrive Pack delivers uncompromising design, quality construction, and exceptional performance.

All Day Comfort

The pack-frame (person side) consists of five major components including lumbar support, ample hip belt, shoulder pads, adjustable pack straps, and load lifters. The pack’s most important feature is its adjustable torso length for use by hikers of different heights.

The Thrive is designed to allow comfort while stabilizing a heavy load like an elk quarter and rack.

First Aid

The optional first aid kit is designed for hunters, by hunters, in conjunction with Medical Points Abroad–experts in field medicine.  After countless hours of research into injuries sustained by hunters, we have developed an optimal med kit. 

The kit contains items to manage life-threatening problems, like accidentally getting a broad-head stabbed on the inside of your leg. 

It contains extra splinting materials to stabilize your ankle if you roll it under that 120+-pound load of bull elk head and quarter.  The kit also has some basic bandaids and wound cleaning materials along with the best field guide on the market to help when you are not sure what to do.