Beyond Rubicon is an awarding winning outdoor adventure television series that captures the reality of hunting– a story of reverence for a hunter’s way of life!  The story is more about the journey than the kill and showcases both triumph and tribulations in the field.  The team has “Crossed the Rubicon” when it comes to family, hunting, heritage, and their way of life which means they won’t hesitate to stand up for what is right.  Brian and Jeff started filming each other years ago in an effort to capture their stories on those rare occassions Brian was able to return home from the Marines to hunt with his family.

Meet the team below and find out how Beyond Rubicon came to life! 


Brian G. Cillessen

Hunting is a lifelong family tradition for the Cillessens. A love and respect for the wilderness and the animals that live in it has been passed down for generations.

Brian Cillessen was taught to shoot by his grandfather when he was about four years old, and his dad taught him how to hunt shortly after. Receiving his first shotgun at ten years old, Brian remembers his first hunt: “I shot my whole box of shells and got one dove.”

A Marine Corps veteran of 22 years with multiple combat deployments completed, Brian retired in 2014 to spend time with his son. He is a dedicated single father, businessman, and avid outdoorsman who strives to pass along the family traditions of surviving and thriving in the wilderness to his son.

Jeff Cillessen

Jeff Cillessen is a hard-working businessman. Brian’s younger brother, Jeff, accompanies the family on many of their hunting trips across the diverse New Mexico terrain. Highly successful in the family’s booming construction business, he transfers his bull-headed determination into the great outdoors when he’s on a hunt. Also a father, Jeff strives to teach his daughter and sons that hunting is more than taking down big game, it’s about quality family time and sustaining off what the land gives you.  In fact, his daughter Emma, an avid dancer, recently scored 100% on her hunter safety course.

Bill "The Daddio" Cillessen

Bill Cillessen is the patriarch of the Cillessen family. Teaching both Brian and Jeff to hunt as young boys, Bill is his sons’ mentor, advisor, and steadfast supporter. A man with six kids, 22 grandkids and more than 25 years of marriage under his belt, Bill is not one to shy away from a challenge. A rifle hunter most of his life, Bill recently took up archery hunting and joins his sons on their big game hunts — ready to test his growing archery hunting skill and precision.



Jonathan Ballew

Jonathan Ballew is a husband first, a father always, a business man, and an avid hunter. He and his wife, Audrey,  have three children and they strive to raise them with morals and ethics. Jonathon says “I attribute my success to those that pushed me to be the best no matter what I was doing– 2nd place was never good enough for me.”

Jonathon was a high school wrestler where he learned that his battles were his own. After earning a state title and being nominated for the Wrestler of the Year, Jonathon went on to make hunting his personal passion.   We joke that there really isn’t an hour that goes by that Jonathon isn’t dreaming of the next hunting challenge where he can prove himself again and again.  God willing he will continue to battle the game of chess with animals who know only how to allude predators and survive!

Dave Dole

David is a hunter. David has had a love of the outdoors since a child and has been hunting since he was 12 years old. Being out in the field chasing all of the game animals is what allowed David to recharge his batteries on life.

In 2002 David chose to join the United States Marine Corps where he specialized in Close Quarter Battle operations with a background in explosive breaching. After leaving the Marines in 2007 David became a federal law enforcement officer in Amarillo, TX. David again pursued the path of a Close Quarters Battle position expanding his specialties into being a Designated Marksmen and furthering his knowledge in explosive breaching. 

David is now stationed in Albuquerque New Mexico where he is able to pursue his passion of hunting. You can usually find David in his free time with his wife Nicky riding horses, or in the outdoors scouting or pursuing game.



Phillip Griego, Post Production Supervisor

Phil joined the team in the summer of 2014 and produced the pilot episode  “Ghosts of the Gila” which was the first major step for Beyond Rubicon.  Phil is highly adept in the industry and has a tremendous amount of experience in animation, film editing, and post-production.  A true master of the art, Phil is capable of capturing the Producer’s vision and ensuring the storyline remains true.  [email protected]

Find out more about Phil at

Andre Ross, Editor

Andre jumped on board back in November of 2015 and brought with him an artistic perspective on how to best edit Beyond Rubicon; the results have been impressive. Andre is well versed in film editing, is an incredible photographer, and produces/directs short films and music videos.

Ryan Fritz, Aerial Camera Operator and Web Developer

Ryan “Ryno” Fritz founded and operates Ryno Technologies, a development firm, located in the beautiful Southwest. He serves clients all over the country with a team of specialists in a multitude of disciplines and a world of experiences. Ryno first started with Beyond Rubicon while the team was producing its first season.  Since then he has contributed countless hours ensuring the show’s success through advice, consutling, outreach, and web development.  A commercial drone pilot, Ryno also assisted with filming several of the team’s key video components. Find out more about him at Ryno Technologies.

Alexander Paul, Cameraman

Alexander was born and raised in New Mexico where he discovered cinematography. Believe it or not, he had never hunted before he was thrust into this role as a hunt story cameraman but he gained an incredible appreciation for what hunters do in the field. He has an artistic inclination and a passion for adventure which made him a perfect fit for this effort.

Matt Forsyth, Camerman

Matt is a New Mexico Native of 23 years and is presently finishing up his last year at West Texas A&M.  After graduating from Hope Christian High School Matt played baseball at Lamar Community College, then West Texas A&M.  Matt has a lifelong passion for hunting and has always had an eye for catching his adventures on film.  Matt met with the Beyond Rubicon crew after realizing they shared a friend in Tom Petry, The Life TV Outdoor Video Education, and quickly became a viable member of the team.  Matt is a hunter first but has a strong passion for film, which is a deadly combination for any hunting show.  Matt cut his teeth with Beyond Rubicon on an Ibex hunt in New Mexico’s rugged Florida Mountains and the results were nothing less than impressive.  We are looking forward to having this incredibly talented outdoorsman on our team.