Beyond Rubicon is a story of hunters who stop at nothing in the ethical pursuit of big game. An unscripted and authentic big game hunting show where they don’t just survive, but thrive!

Beyond Rubicon uses inspiring cinematography to capture a hunting experience that ignites the primal instincts that live inside every hunter.

2018 Awarded the Golden Moose for the Best Big Game Series 

2019 Badlands Feature Film Festival Winner

2020 Badlands Feature Film Festival Second Runner-up

New Mexico Filmmaker’s Showcase Winner in 2018 

Nominated for Best New Series on The Sportsman Channel in 2016

Airing on the Sportsman Channel  at 10 p.m. (EST) Mondays starting again in July of 2019, Beyond Rubicon is an unscripted documentary-drama that focuses on the journey — the trials, tribulations, joys, defeats, and primal satisfaction of being a hunter on the quest to keep the hunt in hunting.

Beyond Rubicon follows the hunts in their entirety where thriving is a step above surviving.  Watch while the hunters navigate New Mexico’s untamed, but stunning landscape, as they chase some of the most elusive animals on the planet. Hard lessons, reflection, and story-telling bring the brothers back to the hunt each week.

Filmed across New Mexico’s jagged Rocky Mountain range, rolling plans, volcanic valleys, and desolate desert terrains, the region is still the untapped and unchanged Wild West. The state is home to Rocky Mountain Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail and Coues Deer, bear, cougar, javelina, and bear.  New Mexico also boasts free-ranging exotic species within its borders, including Persian Ibex, Barbary Sheep, and Oryx.

Beyond Rubicon’s dedicated and committed hunters are outdoorsmen who have decades of experience; and with experience comes the humble realization that wild animals have an uncanny ability to escape danger.  Add terrain, weather, and environmental factors and the challenge is evident.