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“Crossing the Rubicon” is a metaphor for deliberately proceeding past a point of no return, an irrevocable commitment! 

It is all about attitude and we strive to showcase a reverence for a hunter’s way of life.



18 hours ago

Beyond Rubicon

This story came together in South Africa with my good friend, Jacques Swart/At Marula, who jokingly challenged me to spot and stalk a Sable, otherwise known as "The Prince of the African Bush."

My brother and I brought both our rifles and bows in hopes of being able to experience the vast opportunities available in South Africa so I gladly accepted the challenge.

My brother, Jeff, joined me on the first day and then I spent two additional days trying to get it done. Surprisingly, this hunt was one of the most memorable and emotional hunts I've had in my life. I literally turned to my friend and cameraman, Matt Forsyth, ten minutes before dark on the last night in South Africa and emphatically insisted that we'd been duped by the Sable and this hunt was over---we should just return to base camp.

But, we did have that ten minutes remaining so I decided to suck it up and make my way into his bedding area on our way out...and little did I know this Prince was still in the area. I am not sure why I was so emotional after I took the shot. Maybe it was the fact that my dad and brother really needed some good family time? Was it because I had accepted a double-dog dare from Jacques? Or maybe it was because I might have tricked that bull when I turned off my "predator mode" and he sensed the game was over...that somehow he knew I was quitting and he let his guard down only to be outflanked by this trickster? I don't know really, maybe a combination of all things and likely the most thrilling last night I've ever spent in the field.

I hope you enjoy this story!
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