Season Finale Campaign Video submissions due 18 May 2016 at midnight!

Check this out!  This is Beyond Rubicon on The Sportsman Channel and we’ve had so many questions on why “rubicon.” So now, we are starting a campaign about RUBICON and want you to be part of it! I get asked almost daily why Beyond Rubicon? Or what does RUBICON really mean?  It only makes sense to try and get a feeling of what RUBICON is to you!

What is RUBICON?  A noun, a verb, or adjective?  What does it mean?  For us, going ‘beyond’ the RUBICON is more about committing to our lifestyle and our way of life…in a God, Country, Family, and Hunting-Outdoors kind of way.

  • Geographically- RUBICON is a river in Italy that flows into the Adriatic.
  • Environmentally- The RUBICON Trail was formerly a trade route and runs from Georgetown, CA to Tahoma, CA (near Lake Tahoe)…there is even a RUBICON lake.
  • Technologically- RUBICON is a model of Jeep.
  • Metaphorically- RUBICON is simply an attitude, an irrevocable commitment, and/or a point of no return–and that’s how our show was born.  I had many RUBICON moments in my 22 years in the Marine Corps and find myself crossing that line in many other aspects of my life.

Rubicon Defined By Brian

We want to know what RUBICON means to you in terms of the outdoors, hunting, or the shooting industry.  It’s quite simple, really, come to our website and enter your very own rubicon moment or example on the “contact” tab. Your story might be focused on an event, experience or a moment—like when you had to push yourself further than you ever have before.  Your RUBICON can be a simple and unique quote that you use regularly.  No matter what it is, we want to hear about it.


Rules of the Road: subscribe to our website so you can get updates. Then, follow Beyond Rubicon on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to increase your chances of winning.  The goal is to enhance our social media reach so everything will be linked back to Facebook to compute “likes” for the competition.  Remember, for your submission, click here so that your email can come directly to us!

Submit your rubicon moment directly to Beyond Rubicon  as soon as you figure it out  (if you submit early you have a chance to gain more votes). In turn, your submission will be posted to the main newsfeed on our Facebook page and you will be tagged.  The rubicon moment with the most likes, wins! We will announce the winners by 19 May….just in time to get your submission integrated into our show.
  1. We would prefer a short submission of around 50-100 words to make it easier to read on the show. If it is longer, please contact me directly.  Generally, anything over 100 words is very difficult to read when it flashes on the screen but I am not opposed if you have a well written rubicon-style story.
  2. It is your job to share the Facebook submission as much as possible and get folks to like what you have to say.  The kicker is that they must like the original post so that we can tally the “likes” on Facebook to determine the winners.
  3. No vulgarity, no politics, and no advertisements– just raw emotions about how a rubicon attitude may enter your life relative to hunting and the outdoors.
  4. The most “likes” will win.  Beyond Rubicon will select ten finalists.  The top five best rubicon moments will be featured on the Beyond Rubicon Season Finale “What is Rubicon?” on The Sportsman Channel.  And every finalist will get a hat or a tee-shirt. The top three submissions will get a Beyond Rubicon Plaque.
  5. No age requirement and we welcome all youth submissions.
  6. Submissions indicate that the content is your original work and that Beyond Rubicon can utilize the submission in both social media and, possibly, on the show.  Of course, we want you to get full credit for what you have to say and only want to share your insights.

Some brief and maybe-not-so-good examples:”I experienced a RUBICON moment when I opted to go back-country with my brother….the weather was horrific but we were committed to stick it out. On the fourth day, he twisted his ankle and I had to carry him to a nearby stream to get cold water on it and reduce the swelling. He outweighs me by 30 lbs so I really had to dig in.”  Or “Rubicon is when I spent every day with my son teaching him how to shoot. When he drew a tag for elk, we worked together to try and get one.  In the end, no elk but our bond was much stronger when we were finished. I will be with my son as long as he’ll have me.”  Or be clever,  “rubicon is like a box of chocolates!” (Okay, I know that one wouldn’t win).