Terry Packing OutIt’s tough to express just how excited we are to welcome Terry to our Pro Staff.  We are in our infancy and I can’t overstate the importance of aligning our brand with incredible people like Terry Chapman.  Terry and I first met in the 4th Grade…but wait, that’s not all—Terry started bow hunting before I could even spell “bow hunting” and started amassing his experience well before I ever harvested a deer. As a matter of fact, Terry and I mounted my first buck in shop class as a side project that our teacher didn’t even grade.  That shop project is the only one that survived my travels in the Marines; having kept it with me every step of the way.

Terry Chapman started hunting at a very early age and was taught how to hunt from his uncle and dad. Terry has been hunting for more than thirty-five years and this hunting obsession has allowed him to take a variety of western big game with his bow, muzzleloader and rifle, which many of these animals qualify for the record books. Some of these trophies include two large mule deer that gross over 200” and a Rocky Mountain Elk that qualifies for both Boone and Crocket and Pope and Young. The largest being a non-typical mule deer taken with archery gear that gross scored an unbelievable 214 2/8” gross and net scored 211 1/8. For 19 years Terry has been an active Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young Official measurer. He also is an official measurer for both SCI and the Long Hunters club.

Terry grew up with Brian and Jeff through his younger hunting and high school years. After High school Terry joined the United States Navy and spent 8 years in active service. He was deployed twice in both Desert Storm and Desert Shield combat areas. After discharge he completed his BSN in nursing school in Memphis, Tennessee and soon after moved back home to Aztec, New Mexico where he is currently a cardiology patient care manager at the local hospital. Terry has been married to his wife Sheila for over 20 years and they have two son’s Zane (13) and Wyatt (11). Both Zane and Wyatt have grown up in the outdoors and both young hunters have taken turkeys, elk and mule deer. Terry is excited to join the “Beyond Rubicon” team to help present the exciting stories of our hard core Western hunts we love and are so passionate about.

I’ve often regretted not following Terry into the field on each and every one of his hunts just to glean a little bit about what this man knows about hunting in the outdoors.  Terry’s ethos is right in line with our views on family, hunting, and the outdoors so he is a welcome addition to the Staff.  Keep following us to read about Terry’s hunting adventures in the near future.