Beyond Rubicon wants to see your best trophy pics and will offer you a chance to win a tee shirt or a hat (your choice).

In today’s hoopla of social media it seems criticism in the hunting groups is growing and support for each other is waning.  Some of the worst comments I’ve seen come from people who are angered about how the hunter displays his or her trophy, the size, the angles, the blood, or if the tongue was hanging out. Quite frankly, I’ve taken photos that, by today’s standards, might raise a few eyebrows even though I’ve never meant to disrespect any of my wild-game. See some great references below.

So, I would like to see your trophy pics whether they are the old fashion grin and grip or a unique perspective that captures the moment in grand fashion.  For the purposes of this competition every game animal harvested is considered a trophy and should be memorialized!


Submit your photo to Beyond Rubicon on their FB page underneath the post “Who Has the Best Trophy Shot?” (it is nearly impossible to track photos posted to a shared link so please get back to Beyond Rubicon’s Facebook Page to post).

Deadline: Midnight on 16 August 2017

Any and all trophy pictures will be reviewed and Beyond Rubicon will make the final decision on Thursday, August 17th, 2017.

Good photo references for your future hunt—we’ll do this again soon!