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January 21, 2013 by Brian Cillessen

After five days of hunting the extreme terrain of The Florida Mountains in Southern New Mexico I was fortunate to work my way up the mountain between a huge billy and his herd. The Persian Ibex flourish in these mountains and seem to defy gravity as they traverse the steep mountain slopes, crags, and cliffs. After a three hour stalk I positioned myself deep in a crack as this big billy goat scaled several large boulders & cliffs to land in my lane. My range finder indicated I was on a 52 degree slope at 30 yards. As I aligned my sites and found my sweet spot, I pulled the trigger thinking that maybe I had shot well above this animal. Ibex are not much bigger than a dog and the trajectory of the arrow went several feet above him. Fortunately the broad-head found it’s spot and I harvested one of the most magnificent animals in the lower 48 states. Equal parts will, endurance, determination, and luck created success! Thanks Mathews!