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September 23, 2012 by Brian Cillessen

This Gila Giant was busy fighting with another great bull as I crept through the woods. At the sound of the antlers crashing, I sprinted several hundred yards between the two warriors and their cows. Everything happened so quickly that I was only able to range two lanes in hopes that he would move my way. I was in an awkward position, laying back on my calves, when he hit my first lane. I didn’t even get my bow drawn before he was bugling for his cows and making his way toward lane number two. I struggled a bit but was able to go to full draw, sit up, and level out right as he entered my view. I let ‘r rip at 31.5 yards. As this huge animal bounded I fit another arrow, leveled again, and put a second shot through his vitals at 40 yards. I am one of the most fortunate hunters in the planet to have had such an opportunity. Add that my father and brother were nearby and this hunt ranks near the top, all-time experiences of my life.  Click the post to see him all by his lonesome.