Venture Ready To Fire - JPEG FileAs hunters, we work very hard to become technically proficient and deadly with our weapons of choice.  Recently, Team Rubicon united with Quiet Professional Defense (Q-Pro)  for all things firearms–ranging from the stuff that is up close and personal to the long distance precision engagement required in certain situations.  Presently, Q-Pro Defense offers both Kinetic Pistol and Carbine Classes throughout the summer; and will provide a precision course in late July.




The bottomline is that Beyond Rubicon believes in training and preparation and we’ve found the place for us. Not only is Q-Pro Defense a locally owned company, they work out of Del Norte Gun Club just outside of Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Del Norte Gun Club is remote enough  for privacy but close enough to be reasonable and they have a variety of incredible ranges. For those like Beyond Rubicon who consider themselves hunters first and require practice in all things hunting, the range complex is also home to both archery and skeet/trap.

Carbine Shooter


Q-Pro Defense is already packing their summer schedule with awesome and affordable classes so we are inviting you to go check them out. Further, Beyond Rubicon is sponsoring the Introduction to Precision Rifle Course at Del Norte Gun Club July 30-31, just in time for Antelope season. Follow Beyond Rubicon and Q-Pro Defense for more information on how to participate in this incredible training opportunity.

If nothing else, dust off your rifles, bows, and shotguns and come out and meet a whole bunch of incredible instructors and other students.

Always, Brian


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