TC_LogoBeyond Rubicon is proud and excited to announce its partnership with Thompson/Center Arms.  “Back in 1994, after returning from Mogadishu, Somalia, I borrowed an old T/C Hawken with an octagon barrel in .54 caliber to chase mule deer” says Brian Cillessen, Producer/Host of Beyond Rubicon, “and my love for T/C Arms never stopped.”  On that particular hunt, Brian shot a full velvet 4×5 muley and reported back to his duty station with a smile on his face.  “Hunting was difficult to plan during those 22 years in the Marine Corps so every hunt was treated like the hunt of a lifetime…and each hunting adventure, even now, is still treated like that!”

This entire rubicon family has a variety of models to include the T/C Venture recently used on an Ibex hunt, the T/C Encore Pro-Hunter used recently for Barbary Sheep, and the older T/C Grey Hawk.  Zachary Cillessen, 10 years old, learned to shoot with his T/C Hot Shot that his Grandpa Billy, and member of Team Rubicon, bought all of his grandkids. Brian said “It just seems like a natural fit to be aligned with this absolutely incredible gun company.”  T/C Arms took a leap of faith with Beyond Rubicon, a new, but highly popular, hunting show filmed primarily on public and free-ranging hunting adventures in a fashion that exudes emotion, ethics, and conservation.  Rubicon is an attitude, a strong commitment to our way of life!

Take a look below to discover more about T/C Arms.

What is YOUR Rubicon?—Beyond Rubicon Pro-Staff


The Hunt Never Ends

When you’ve scouted every field and marked every map. When there’s no more ground to cover and no more heart-shaped tracks pointing the way. When your gun has no place else to point and no more stories to tell. Only then will we call it the off-season. Welcome to the hub of Thompson/Center firearms—where the hunt never ends.

We’re as passionate about firearms as the thousands of hunting and shooting enthusiasts we serve and support. Since 1967, Thompson/Center Arms has been synonymous with firearms that stand up in the toughest situations and perform when it counts. With features like interchangeable barrels, 5R rifling and uncompromised quality and design, Thompson/Center is the brand that delivers value and reliability you won’t find anywhere else. Perhaps that’s why today’s top hunters rely on T/C.

Thompson/Center Arms is proud to offer American-made quality while backing it up with knowledgeable support and a lifetime warranty. We know that missed moments can’t be refunded and there is no replacement value for the trophy that got away. We know that there are only so many shots of a lifetime out there, and we’re ready for each one.