A Dream is Born- Now the Work Begins

VISION: American Heritage produces high-quality cinematic hunting and survival films and shows for both entertainment and education. This company is designed to hunt, film, and produce thirteen original episodes per year to be aired during prime time during 2016. The host, Brian Cillessen, has a myriad of outdoor experiences and training through decades in the Marine Corps and truly exudes the ethical traits of the American Outdoorsman.  He is joined by his brother, Jeff, who has the same zeal and focus.

The hunts are
primarily Do-it-Yourself (DIY), public archery hunts in New Mexico and the greater Southwest; however, there is no weapon system or geographic location off limits. Anyone can kill but this is truly about the hunt- a journey of the trials and tribulations, the joys, and the primal satisfaction of being a hunter on a quest to keep the ‘hunt’ in hunting shows.

We strive to be ambassadors for hunter’s nationwide who represent the majority of ethical outdoorsmen, the same hunters whose total contributions to the conservation of our natural resources total more than any other single demographic. Our goal is to produce the episodes for the Sportsman Channel for prime time viewing.


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