52 Weeks of Beyond Rubicon

We appreciate your support from the very beginning.  It is my pleasure to announce that Beyond Rubicon will be featured on the Sportsman Channel from January 1st 2018 through the end of the year.  We are re-launching Season 1 and premiering Season 2 for 52 weeks of hunting!

On the Sportsman Channel:

@ 7 PM EST each Monday

@ 12 PM EST each Thursday

@ 1 AM EST each Saturday

Find us on Facebook or Instagram and discover what it means for us to #huntbeyondtherubicon! Then join our site to get updates, previews, and information about our show, the crew, and a whole slew of great hunting photographs!




  1. Norm Gruner 11 months ago

    Hey Brian!
    Really enjoy the show especially since it’s filmed here in NM. Good to see you in 16C a few years
    back. If you will be anywhere near there the beginning of Sept. I’d really like to say HI and talk shop.
    I’ll be in 21A this year. Again, thanks for a great show and best wishes for the future of Beyond Rubicon!

    • Author
      Brian Cillessen 7 months ago

      I tried to find you on FB. Not sure you are there! We’ve been in some sort of semi-transition on the page and I hadn’t realized that some messages were stuck here. Did you try my email? How was 21A?

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