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Beyond Rubicon is generously sponsored by outdoor and hunting companies that produce the best, high-quality functional equipment and gear to be successful — and safe — in the pursuit of big game.  The goal is to use the equipment essential to the hunter’s success.

Airing on the Sportsman Channel  at 7 p.m. (EST) Wednesdays starting in January 2016, Beyond Rubicon is an unscripted documentary-drama that focuses on the journey — the trials, tribulations, joys, defeats, and primal satisfaction of being a hunter on the quest to keep the hunt in hunting. Beyond Rubicon follows each hunt in its entirety: Each journey is about survival, navigating New Mexico’s untamed wilderness, and stopping at nothing in pursuit of big game while thriving off the land. Ending each episode in reflection, Brian and Jeff strive to educate Beyond Rubicon’s audience by reviewing the hard lesson’s learned in an effort to sharpen their skills and help others succeed.

An unscripted and authentic big game hunting and outdoor survival show, Beyond Rubicon uses inspiring cinematography to capture free-range, fair-chase hunting that ignites the primal instincts that lives inside every hunter.

The show’s dedicated and committed hunters are outdoorsmen with decades of experience who understand the trials and tribulations of free-range, fair-chase hunting and believe in focusing more on the journey than the kill while and stopping at nothing in the pursuit of big game animals.

If your company would like more information about becoming a dedicated sponsor of Beyond Rubicon please call 505-252-8632 or email [email protected].