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Rubicon (noun): A limit that when passed exceeds the point of no return, typically resulting in irrevocable commitment.

What is your Rubicon?

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8 hours ago

Beyond Rubicon
Too good not to share.Repost from @outdoor_lifeWhile animal rights activist generally hate the idea of black bear hunting, most biologists, wildlife managers, and researchers say it is one of the best ways to manage social tolerance of growing populations. And black bear populations in the Heartland certainly are growing.“Our reintroduction effort is still considered the most successful reintroduction of a large carnivore in the history of any reintroduction effort,” says @arkansasgameandfish large carnivore biologist Myron Means. “We sing that from the rooftops. … We brought them [back to most of] their historical range throughout the state and were able to have successful hunting seasons and meaningful hunting seasons.”The black bear comeback in states like Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Florida has been nothing short of astounding. Numbers went from isolated, tiny populations hidden away—if any existed at all—to thousands of bears in each state. Biologists credit a combination of habitat improvement and careful management. The result is expanding hunting seasons in states like Arkansas, and the first modern black bear hunting season in Missouri.Each state’s story is a little bit different, but most biologists agree that with improved habitat will come more bears, and more opportunities for hunters.“The general consensus is that these states’ bear populations continue to expand,” Means says. “Do I think more bear hunting opportunities will come up across the east and southeast? Yes, I do, and Arkansas is a perfect example.”-Hit the link in profile for @she.will.roam’s full deep dive on how growing black bear populations could mean a bear-hunting boom in America. 📸 @johnhafnerphoto I #outdoorlife #bearhunting #blackbears #bearseason #hunting #blackbearcomeback #conservation #wildlife #wildlifemanagement ... See MoreSee Less
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20 hours ago

Beyond Rubicon
Old-ish photos always bring a smile to my face. I can't believe these are already "old" because it seems I just left the Corps! My son, Zach, was super proud of his dad this day and his, now 7 year old, baby brother was barely inbound. And now, I remind myself daily about my commitment to our great country even as it seems to be on its knees at the moment! God Bless the USA!-#USA #freedom #democracy #constitution #USConstitution #sportsmansguide#IAMSPORTSMAN #whatisyourrubion #beyondrubicon #NRA #whatisyourrubion #beyondrubicon #patriot #proudtobeanamerican ... See MoreSee Less
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2 days ago

Beyond Rubicon
If you look closely, this buck is already showing signs that he has been rutting hard. Okay, minus the fact that he took a .300 WinMag through the engine compartment. Jeff was on a ridge and seriously considering taking a smaller buck when "the big guy" strolled out to sniff his does. Thanks @cobihill_photography and @battlemountainmedia -#IAMSPORTSMAN #hunting #muledeer #elkhunting #bucks #velvetbucks #earlyseason #huntinglife #archery #bowhunting #deer #bowhunter #newmexico #publiclandhunter #arizona #beyondrubicon #whatisyourrubicon #SIXSITEGEAR #sixsite #teamsixsite -@apexgear @truglo@cyclopslights @coldsteelknives @huntersspecialties @sportsmanchannel @bcguidegear @quietkat_ebike @tactacam @sportsmancanada @sportsmansguide @wearethedraw @elk_assassins @walkersgsm @coldsteelhunt ... See MoreSee Less
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Beyond Rubicon follows two brothers whose primal instincts push them to stop at nothing in the pursuit of big game.

 They believe that the journey is as important as the kill. A hunter knows that the trials and tribulations of the hunt build  real memories.

What is your Rubicon?

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We are headquartered in the heart of the Southwest.  From the tree lined and jagged Rocky Mountain range to rolling plains, volcano carved valleys and desolate desert terrains, New Mexico is still the untapped and unchanged Wild West in the United States.  The state is home to a whole slew of big game animals to include Rocky Mountain Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Big Horn Sheep, Pronghorn Antelope, Black Bear, Cougar, and Javelina.  New Mexico also boasts free-ranging exotic species within its borders, including Persian Ibex, Barbary Sheep, and Oryx.  Come take a look and you will certainly be amazed at the diversity found in this great state.

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Beyond Rubicon was born from an attitude to do the very best we can in the pursuit of big game; and that has not changed as we establish relationships with our sponsors. We can say with confidence that Beyond Rubicon is generously sponsored by outdoor and hunting companies that produce the best, high-quality functional equipment and gear to be successful — and safe — truly amplifying our chances of harvest.