Memories Made

Since 1967, Thompson/Center Arms has been synonymous with firearms that stand up in the toughest situations and perform when it counts.  Beyond Rubicon has been using Thompson/Center Muzzleloaders and Rifles with interchangeable barrels for decades. 



Thompson/Center Arms provides an arsenal of adaptable firearms that help us hunt a variety of species often using the same equipment.  The “out of the box” accuracy is unmatched and the team regularly shoots long distances. As a Marine, Brian often compares his hunting equipment with the military grade options available to him in places like Afghanistan and Iraq.  Knowing your firearm will remain accurate and reliable regardless of the abuse you dish out in the back-country is essential to maintaining confidence while on the hunt.



This Ad Reminded Me of a Story

As a Hunt-Film Producer, I am often asked about the equipment we use on our show.  Once I answer, invariably, I get asked the follow up "if you weren't sponsored by <<<said manufacturer>>> what would you really tell me?" I've made it a point to focus...

Beyond Rubicon Partners with Thompson/Center

Beyond Rubicon is proud and excited to announce its partnership with Thompson/Center Arms.  "Back in 1994, after returning from Mogadishu, Somalia, I borrowed an old T/C Hawken with an octagon barrel in .54 caliber to chase mule deer" says Brian Cillessen,...

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