The 4th ANNUAL BEYOND RUBICON HUNT-FILM FESTIVAL in on the books for March 10th, 2019 at the Kimo Theater.  We want to get the word out early because we know hunter’s are out chasing critters, taking pictures, and filming.  This year is going to be slightly different because we want all prospective hunt-film makers to share their story starting on 30 September.  Get your cameras out and film your hunt!  And, if you know someone who films their hunts, please pass on this information to them!

The Beyond Rubicon Hunt-Film Festival is the must-attend hunting celebration each year in New Mexico so dust off those cameras and start creating your story.  There is great food and drink from the Kaktus Brewery, awesome prizes, vendors, and just an all around great time! Tickets will be available in January.

Stand by for awesome prizes and terrific support from our national and local partners.

ABQ Film Office, Thompson Center Arms, Sawyer ProductsMathews, Vortex Optics, Garmin, Blacks Creek Guide Gear, and SKRE Extreme Mountain Gear.


  • Short videos and photographs are due at the end of each month starting on 30 Sept 2018.  We want our viewers to have the opportunity to get to know the hunt film-makers and start following their progress.  Each month the film-makers will have the opportunity to complete a production element to showcase to their fans and earn points toward the final selection for the festival.
  • The final hunting film is due NLT 01 Feb 2018.
  • Recommended overall running time of 4 to 8 minutes in length.
  • HD Video files in mp4 or .mov
  • Use only content that you own or have permission to use and make sure you are not infringing on copyright.
  • Tell your story and make it compelling. We get incredible submissions from all over the country and if it is legal and ethical, you will get a chance to see your work on the big screen.


Step 1- send a note to [email protected] to let us know you are interested in participating. Once accepted, you’ll be asked to submit photographs and videos to be shared on the Beyond Rubicon FB Page and/or Instagram to help showcase your story throughout the season.  Follow the updates because we’ll ask you for trophy pics, vistas, time-lapse, and other production elements to earn additional points for the final selection.

Step 2- by 01 Feb 2019, submit a final short film which will be initially judged using Facebook.  Once submitted and approved, your short film will be posted on Beyond Rubicon’s page where likes will be calculated as part of the final selection process.  Note: only likes on the Beyond Rubicon page will be calculated.

Step 3- The Beyond Rubicon Team will review each film and score it from 1-10 based on the following criteria.

                  Clear and Compelling story behind the hunt
                  Potential Impact on hunting
                  Sincere/Credible/Believable story telling
                  Innovative and creative use of video format
                  Visuals are clear, effective, and appropriate for scene
                  Text, music, narration clear and appropriate for video

Step 4- Live-audience voting will be held to determine the winners so bring your phones.


There will be prizes for 1st through 3rd Place along with one Producer’s Choice Award!


All submissions must be received by 01 Feb 2019 for consideration.

Semi-finalists will be selected by 22 Feb 2019.  The winners will be chosen by live-audience voting at the event!


  • Once you have been accepted as a contestant you will be asked to upload content to YouTube or Vimeo and send the link to: [email protected]
  • Please submit a password if needed to access your film.
  • Please remember to submit all films in HD. Finalists will be on the big screen in the Kimo Theater.
  • If your story goes beyond 8 minutes you will have to present a strong argument as to why it should be considered.
  • All film-makers are welcome, however, we reserve the right to accept or reject any film that does not reflect hunting ethics.
  • Professional (yes, you get paid to make hunting films) just let us know.


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